X-ray certification is a license to take x-rays.  In order to legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiologic procedures in the state of Arizona, a dental assistant must hold a current Arizona Board-approved certificate in radiology. To qualify, one must: (1a) Pass the national DANB Radiation Health & Safety (RHS) exam and (1b) Receive the Arizona Radiologic Proficiency Certificate, issued by DANB.  “Acceptance of DANB Exams in Arizona”  DANB.org n.d. 2011. September 29, 2011  //danb.org/main/stateacceptanceinfo.asp?Location=Arizona

X-ray certification is the number one entry level job requirement for Dental Assistants.  Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy thoroughly prepares you for the DANB x-ray certification national exam.  The best part is once you pass this exam, you’ll never have to take it again.  You are licensed in the state of Arizona and there are no annual fees or continuing education requirements to keep your license.

When researching Dental Assisting Schools, be sure that the school is properly preparing you for the exam.  Be sure to ask questions like:  How many hours of lecture are spent preparing me for the x-ray exam?  What is your percentage of pass rate on the first time of the exam? Or ask to speak to a former student regarding their experience on the exam?