Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy

Taylor Galbreath

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – April 2015

Dental Assistant with Canyon Vista Dentistry

I had an early exposure into dentistry, as my mom was in school for Dental Hygiene when I was young. She would bring home her study models and I thought they were so cool! Also contributing to my fascination of the dental field was having braces for 3 years. After having various jobs in retail, I was ready to begin my education and start a stable career. I decided to obtain my training at Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy. I knew two past students who attended and loved it! I liked the length of the program and knowing that I would receive the same education and more hands-on experience as others for less time and less money. I was also happy to learn of the small class sizes.  School didn’t feel overwhelming and I had the opportunity for individual time with the instructors. Being a Dental Assistant is never boring, it keeps you on your toes, and you have the opportunity to build relationships. I am currently a Dental Assistant at Canyon Vista Dentistry and I love my career!

Andrew Setter

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – October 2014

Dental Assistant with Norterra Dental Group

Prior to attending Altrain, I worked as a Sales Associate for Famous Footwear. Ultimately, my long term goal and desire is to be a Dentist. While eager to begin this adventure I felt the best way to get my foot in the door would be to begin as a Dental Assistant. Choosing this path has given me the opportunity to work in the field, while pursuing this goal. I have the best of both worlds. I am able to continue my education and do something I love. I chose to attend Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy, because the schedule was convenient and they offered an evening class that worked around my work schedule. Also, the staff at Altrain was awesome! Working at Norterra Dental Group as a Dental Assistant, doesn’t feel like work at all! I absolutely love my career and enjoy all that I do from assisting the doctor, taking care of the patients, and working with my fellow co-workers.

Britney Wackerle

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – August 2014

Dental Assistant and Front Office – Dr. Marcia Harrer Sobek, DDS

Before beginning school at Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy, I was a stay at home mom. While I enjoyed this time with my daughter, I was looking for a career where I would be able to provide for my family. I have always been curious about the dental field and after completing my research I decided it was the right fit for me. I was excited about all the opportunities for Dental Assistants. I chose Altrain to complete my education, because I liked accelerated program. I was thrilled about the hands-on training and comprehensive program they provide. It was a bonus when I realized they were located in close proximity to my house! I love my career as a Dental Assistant at Dr. Marcia Harrer Sobek’s office. I began working before I graduated. I have been so thankful to gain experience learn and perfect my skills as a back and front office assistant!

Kelly Strader

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – July 2015

Dental Assistant with Katsur Dental Group and Orthodontics

When I decided to become a Dental Assistant, I was working as an Account Manager for Discover Services. Wanting to help people in a one-on-one personal setting is what drew me to the field of dentistry. After completing my research of various dental assisting schools, the reasons I chose to attend Altrain is they supply both the x-ray and coronal polish certifications. I also realized that you don’t need to attend a longer program and can learn all of your skills in 13 weeks. I was drawn to the short program as I knew the time would pass quickly and I would be working in no time. There are so many things I love about being a Dental Assistant! I enjoy getting to know the patients and since each patient is individually different, it keeps things constantly fresh and new. I also like the fast-paced environment and that I can continue to learn and grow as an assistant. I currently work at Katsur Dental and Orthodontics as a Dental Assistant and love my job!

Dental Assisting Student
Dental Assisting Student

Monica Hunter

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – February 2014

Lead Dental Assistant with Canyon Vista Dentistry

When I was younger I had braces and was always intrigued at each visit by the process. This experience piqued my interest and as I got older I looked into becoming a Dental Assistant. I found that this position would offer me a stable career and one that I enjoyed. After years of being a cashier, I was ready to move on and pursue my dreams. I spoke with a friend who also attended Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy and afterwards went and took a tour of the school. There were numerous things I liked about the school including the cost of tuition, smaller class sizes, and hands-on training. Altrain offered me a direct lead to complete an externship at a dental office. When I completed my externship I was offered a full time position! I have been with Canyon Vista Dentistry from the beginning and moved my way up to a Lead Dental Assistant. I love my job as it is always interesting and it is fun to help others!

Sarah Bornert

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – January 2009

Dental Assistant with Norterra Dental Group

Prior to becoming a Dental Assistant I was a single mom, a student and held various part time jobs as a receptionist or sales clerk. I wanted a career that was interesting and would provide for my small family. I chose Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy as I was looking for a school that wouldn’t take forever to accomplish my goals of being an assistant. Annette has a great deal of experience not only as an assistant but with education. She is very easy to understand and has a comprehensive, hands-on program which provided me with all the skills my employers were looking for. I felt extremely confident at graduation and acquired a job right away. I am aspiring to be a hygienist but in the meantime I am the primary Dental Assistant for my doctor at Norterra Dental Group where I have been employed since graduating. Altrain laid the foundation for me to achieve my long term goals. I love being an assistant and it is everything I wanted. Altrain was great!

Dental Assisting Student
Dental Assisting Student

Paul Chavez

Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy Graduate – February 2014

Back Office Coordinator with Sapphire Dental Care

I wanted to become a Dental Assistant because my smile and teeth have always been a big part of my image and life. I was looking for a job where I could help create beautiful smiles, encourage healthy oral habits, and help patients experience joy and excitement when they visit the dentist. I chose Altrain Medical & Dental Assisting Academy after doing a lot of research on various schools. Every source including past students, and reviews I read online had nothing but wonderful and positive things to say about Altrain. Meeting the staff and taking a tour, was the cherry on top! Currently I am working at Sapphire Dental Care as the Back Office Coordinator and the Second Assistant to the doctor. I feel so lucky to have the career that I do at such a young age. Not many people can say that, and I am glad I work with a great doctor and staff. My office provides the opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge and skills every day!

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If you want a great hands on, small class size, educators willing to help you succeed and know your name you have the right place. Look no further!! I walked into Altrain only because I heard the ad on the radio. Instantly, I felt like this was the place to get my career path on the right track. My first person I ran into sat down and told me everything I would need to do to start school all the way to the end and how they would help place me for a job.


I highly recommend Altrain dental assisting academy, it is a great school and only a short 13 weeks. I took night classes and loved the amount of time that we actually got practice everything hands on. Everyone at the school is very nice and helpful.


I absolutely love Altrain! I’m confident the instructors and small class sizes will make for an easy 13 weeks! The hands on learning really helps things stick in my memory. I’m so excited to see where my future will go after graduation. Thanks Altrain!


I’ve been currently attending Altrain dental school and I love it! Everything about it is absolutely perfect! The teachers, the class size and all the hands on learning we do. I couldn’t be more happy that I choose to go to Altrain.


This school is awesome, the instructors and staff are so nice and caring and really do everything they can to make this possible. Class was fun and hands on and you learn so much in a short period of time!


Great school! They have the best instructor and staff. The classes are small, it’s hands on, and it’s only 13 weeks.

Great instructors and a great hands on program! Highly recommend going to Altrain!
If you are lost on what to do for your career or what school to attend, I 100% recommend you choose Altrain! The staff is amazing & teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful in this job field. I already had 3 job offers only a week after graduation! They are amazing!
I had visited and toured a couple other dental assistant schools besides Altrain and none of them compared to Altrain. The facility is definitely made to look like a dental office 100% and with a lot of space to work. If you want somewhere reliable and with friendly staff this is the place for you. In 13 weeks you will get the right amount of information to be successful in your dental field career! Totally recommended!
I too did a lot of research on Dental Assisting schools before I chose Altrain. For starters they were the ONLY school that actually offers everything that you need to be successful in your career. X-ray, Coronal Polish, CPR and Dentrix (front office too)! They have more than double the amount of days and hours of all the other short programs. That’s why everyone passes the state exams. The other schools say they do it too but there is no way they can find the time in 1 or 2 days a week. The school is so clean and looks just like a dental office. And when Altrain says the offer job placement, they mean it!!! My resume and cover letter are fantastic! Tannis sent me on 4 job leads before graduation and I had a job a week after I finished the program! When it comes to Dental Assisting this is the ONLY school to even consider!!!!

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